Entrepreneur. Innovator.

Kerry W. Kirby is a global entrepreneur, technology innovator, software designer, and philanthropist. He is the founder and CEO of 365 Connect, the leader in delivering the world’s most sophisticated automated marketing, leasing, and resident engagement platform for multifamily communities across the globe.




Sparking Ideas to Bring Innovation into Our Changing World

As an acclaimed speaker, author, and award-winning podcaster, Kerry has reached millions of listeners across various media outlets, streaming services, and event stages to discuss the convergence of technology in our digitally dependent world. He has appeared on the BBC Digital Planet, BBC Podcast Network, NPR News, and CBS’s Digital Gumbo Segment.

Focused on Supporting
Communities & Causes

Kerry and his wife Melinda are highly recognized fixtures in the philanthropic community and were honored with a global Communitas Award for their dedication to humanitarian, educational, healthcare, and equality programs. Through their Kerry & Melinda Kirby Charitable Fund, they provide resources that accelerate progress by championing causes that give a voice to those that are often not heard.

Greatness lives in each of us, you just need to recognize it.

Kerry W. Kirby
Kerry W. Kirby at the Multifamily Innovation Summit

Sharing Visions to Empower Partnerships

Kerry serves on the Board of Advisors of Rainbow, a national nonprofit organization that provides service-enriched housing programs for affordable housing communities across the country. He is Chair of Technology Initiatives for the Multifamily Innovation Advisory Council, a private, members only group, focused on assisting owners and operators of multifamily communities identify pain points and explore innovative solutions that will drive change across the industry.


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